I know must guys without pink lips are always jealous of those that have pinks lips but I have come to teach u guys how to have a pink lips with artificial methods or means.
(1)exfoliate your lips twice a week this can be done by rubbing sugar on your lips and the addition of lip balm.
(2)Add lip balm every night but make sure that it is not artificial additives.
(3)Use soft coarse hair brush with a bit toothpaste to clean the dead layer of the skin.
(4)use a balm with a pink tint and leave overnight to tint the lips to give you pink lips.
(5) Some also prescribe orange peel and cucumber juice
as a cleanser for the lips to lighten the dark skin tone
of the lips.
(6) Eat fruits and vegetables that are red in color. For example,Tomatoes, Strawberries as they help deposit the color in theskin making lips pink.


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